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The purpose of Avoid Eye Strain is to highlight the causes and symptoms of the often very painful condition of eye strain. We aim to provide advice on reliving the pain and discomfort it can cause, and provide information on treatments and othe eye conditions.

We have tried to make this site as user friendly as possible, please use the links on the menu above or on the right hand side. We have also included links to other pages at the bottom of most pages through out this site.

If you would like to contribute to the site with a useful link, or story about your condition or treatments please let us know.

Do you know what Glaucoma is?

How about, what are Cataracts?

Links to eye related news stories:
Novel surgery using leg nerve restores lost feeling to eye, protects vision
Canadian pediatric surgeons have pioneered a technique to restore missing feeling in the eye ? and prevent subsequent vision loss ? using a nerve taken from a patient's leg and grafting it onto an existing healthy nerve in the face. Called corneal anaesthesia, the condition leaves patients unable to feel pain in an affected eye or recognize when it has been scratched or infected. Over time, such ...
Eye nerve graft restores sensation
Loss of sensation in the eye that gradually leads to blindness has been prevented with an innovative technique, Canadian surgeons say. Abby Messner, 18, of Stouffville, Ont., lost feeling in her left eye after a brain tumour was removed, along with a nerve wrapped around it, when she was 11.
Tablet video game combats lazy eye
Video games firm Ubisoft is working on a title that it believes can treat lazy eye, a condition that can result in reduced vision.
Eye Care | Hanna Vision Centre
Thurs. & Fri 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Dr Dennis Heimdahl Graduated in 1984 from Illinois College of Optometry. Marc Kallal from Southern California College of Optometry in 2014.
Video game offers entertaining new treatment for 'lazy eye'
Video game developer Ubisoft and a partner firm announced Tuesday the first therapeutic use of a video game to treat amblyopia, also known as "lazy eye," which afflicts mostly children. The ocular disorder involves decreased vision in one eye as the result of a turned eye or because one eye is more powerful than the other. The video game, called "Dig Rush," uses both eyes binocularly to train ...
Ubisoft has new video game designed to treat lazy eye
The Montreal-based gaming company Ubisoft has developed a video game it says could be used to treat amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. Amblyopia is a condition in children where vision in one eye does not develop properly. If not treated early, the vision problems in the eye can become permanent. Correcting the eye later in life does not restore the lost vision. Ubisoft developed the game Dig ...

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