What is Eye strain?

Closeup of human eyeMale rubbing his eyesCloseup of a male eye upwards view

Eye strain occurs when you over-use your eye muscles. Any muscle held in one position too long will cause the muscle to strain. When you concentrate on reading, working at a computer or even watching television for any length of time, your inner eye muscles tighten causing your eyes to hurt and become irritated, dry and uncomfortable.

If you are just entering the prime years by being over 40 years old, your eye sight will natural start to degrade and eye strain may be a sign that you need glasses for reading or if brought on more suddenly you may just have dry eyes for some reason, possibly a blocked tear duct for example.

Generally speaking the most common cause of eye strain is from overuse.

Primary factors in todays modern world are the exposure to Computer, TV, Game console use for prolonged periods. Typically this spells of use will be for many after using similar equipment for the majority of the working day.

Within this website we provide details on the different possible causes of eye strain you must remember that genetics can play a key role in wither or not you could be more likely to have your vision affect earlier than others... we cannot stop everything.

The good news is some strains and pains can be temporary and can be resolved with rest and simple techniques and possibly medication.

ANY prolonged concern or problems should always be discussed with an Optician or Medical professional.

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